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Hike To HIIT



Join the Move Energise Glow team for our next Hike to HIIT class. After our epic turn out from the last #HikeToSeries, it’s been requested we run another series!! We had so much fun at the last one we cant wait to do it again! New LOCATION

This will be a beginners Guided hike to the gorgeous Poolbeg Red Lighthouse one of our very favourite beautiful walks across the great south wall walk. Starting off in Irish Town- its a easy 5km walk out into Dublin Bay. Nice easy pace, to get warmed up and enjoy the wonderful nature and views- with an epic HIIT Class at the famous red lighthouse, this day is the perfect way to come out of your comfort zone, learn more about yourself and enjoy something completely new and different. Join us for a lovely relaxing, enjoyable hike, Push your body to new levels with a fitness element to this day out, then sit back and soak up some of Ireland’s amazing views. We love having the chats after a great chance to meet new friends- Set for an amazing day out with lots of fun and a huge accomplishment .

Move Energise Glow are kindly Sponsored by the wonderful Fulfil Nutrition Team which will be providing the snacks and a little goodie bag for each client! 

The HIIT Class will be a high intensity workout- so we strongly advise that you have basic levels of fitness. However we will cater for all levels of fitness from beginner to advance and our expert staff will guide and push you to a level that is comfortable to you. We strive to make all clients feel comfortable and confident. 

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