The Avon

Blessington, co Wicklow

It’s a day we all agree to leave social media alone, and leave our phones aside for just one day! Instead we agree to connect, reconnect, and go outside … we “go quietly” for a day in order to promote well-being and mental health for all.


Arrival SATURDAY 9th November


To mark Digital Detox, The Avon in collaboration with Megan Williams, founder of Move Energise Glow will be hosting a well-being day, a day to switch off from the outside world and take a moment just for you. A day to spend for yourself to focus on your goals, aspirations and improve your over all feeling of wellbeing. Join like minded people, reconnect and disconnect from your phone, laptop and whatever else is distracting you.

Below I have designed the perfect day for the perfect #DigitalDetox



Wellness Session One: 10am-10.45am

In this session, learn how to regain control of arguably your most powerful asset, your attention, with mindfulness. In this introductory workshop, we will look at how mindfulness can help you reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and encourage a healthier, more mindful, relationship with technology and social media. Included is breath work. We are providing space for you to explore the peace that naturally rests within you that you may not witness very often because of a busy mind and lifestyle. It is your opportunity to Unplug & Reconnect

Wellness Session Two: 11.00am-12.15pm

Yoga flow with Maura

Vinyasa flow yoga with Maura – Maura’s favourite style of yoga to teach. Vinyasa yoga is a contemporary practice linking the physical practice of movement with breath. It is a dynamic, fluid, movement practice with a great music backdrop. The class will leave you feeling calm and completed energized. Maura believes yoga is for everybody – and everyone’s body is different. Rather than just focus on form, she will guide and adjust your practice to get the most out it – no matter your body type, ability or age.

Healthy Lunch: 12.30pm-1.30 pm

Wellness Session Three: 1.30pm-2.30pm

Vision Board Workshop

With Roisin from Style-Selfology a life coach who specializes in self-esteem and confidence coaching. This workshop will explore the creative, fun tool and show you the power of vision boarding which will guide you towards the life you want and deserve. Very much on trend.

Wellness Session Four: 2.45pm-3.45pm

Tone & Sculpt Pilates with Megan

A full body workout to fire up every muscle group to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt. Finish the day with a fun, upbeat exercise class. Go home feeling energised and refreshed.

You will be immersed in a full day with classes, yoga, meditation, motivating workshops, great food and a time to disconnect to reconnect

You will leave the day retreat feeling energised, refreshed, empowered and your soul nourished.

Everything is included in the price below, food, snacks, teas, coffee and the highest standard of instruction from our outstanding trainers and coaches.

The food is healthy, hearty nutritious and prepared by the wonderful chefs of the Avon

€79 + event brite fee PER PERSON